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Viper Added to the RoadTitan Family!!

Well, it has finally happened.  A Dodge Viper has been purchased by my dad via eBay.  He found a 2000 Viper Venom 500, RT, red with 3000 miles on it.  I can now personally vouch that the Viper is insanely fast, can take corners at ridiculous speeds and has more torque than any car has a right too.  Not to mention the attention this thing gets when rolling through town.  

He traded in his 96 Mustang Cobra, which was fast and beautiful in it's own right, down at Bob Allen Ford in Overland Park, Kansas.   As the two of us were driving the three hour trip down there, he had expressed some second thoughts about going through with the trade since he had owned the Cobra since new and it was a collectible with the mystic paint job.   I told him he would forget the Cobra ever existed once he saw the Viper in person and heard it fire up.  I was right.   When we first laid eyes on it, it was absolutely breathtaking.  Sure they look good on pictures and video, but nothing prepares you for the actual moment you see your first Viper.  And nothing (and I mean nothing) prepares you for your first drive in a Viper.  I've owned two Camaros, a Mustang and a Honda 600CBR rocket and none of them had the beastly acceleration or the wicked lope of this machine.  

Now for the real kicker: He is already talking about getting an SRT10.  He would like to sell me the 2000 Venom and purchase either a 04-05 SRT10 Mamba in black or white or he wants to trade the 2000 in on an 08 with the new "snake skin green" paint job.  We both went up and test drove an 05 SRT10 a few weeks ago to compare the power of his to the new ones.   We were a bit disappointed....  The 05 has 500 hp but the gearing is lower (I believe 3.07) than his (3.45 from the Hennessey Venom 500 package) and was noticeably slower.  Didn't think I'd ever say a Viper was too slow, but when you become accustomed to 500+ hp and gobs of torque you get a little spoiled.  We did both like the looks of the newer ones though, hence the reason he is still wanting to get one.

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