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Trip to Woodhouse Ford to see Vipers

So my dad decided he wanted to go out and look at the Vipers at Woodhouse Ford and maybe check out their Shelby GT500's while he was there.  We left Monday morning for the two hour jaunt over the border into Blair, Nebraska.  When we got there, we talked to their Viper guru, Bill Pemberton.  Wow, this guy knows his stuff.  Has owned eight Vipers I believe he said, used to race them, does instruction for them and just knows everything about them and the after market world around them.  Good guy, fun to talk to.  Learned a lot from him in the hour we spent with him.  Anyways, he took us over to their Viper warehouse where no less than 14 Vipers were housed.  What an awesome sight!  All these brand new Vipers sitting there looking gorgeous.  As you'll see below, we took some pics, had one pulled out to really look over and sat in a few.  I was in heaven :)

After looking at all the Vipers, the orange coupe and the black w/ red strips really stood out to us.  Both were beautiful cars.  We had the orange one pulled out in the sun to have a better look. The orange color is so striking in the sun.  I loved it.  So my dad and Bill talked about pricing and making a deal.  They couldn't come to terms that satisfied them both so we moved on to the Woodhouse Ford dealer to see the Shelby GT500 they had in stock there.  After talking to the salesman there (a great guy named Sean George!), they couldn't come to terms on that either.  However, after mentioning that we had just looked at their Vipers, Sean said the owner was in the office just down the hall and he'd run our terms for the Viper by him just to see what would happen.  Well, long story short, we left the dealer that night in a brand new 600 hp 2008 Dodge Viper, in the beautiful very orange pearl color!!!  Pics of the warehouse below.

Very good looking black w red stripes viper love this black striped orange viper

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