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Slow Driver Rant

Okay, help me out here people.  What is with the slow-asses that drive in the far left (passing) lane on the interstate?  Do they not see me coming up on their ass?  Or are they just flat out ignorant??  The rules are pretty simple really, if you are not passing another vehicle, get the f**k over. 

Now I don't hate all slow drivers.  I can respect the slow drivers that are in their proper place, the far right lane.  It's the a-holes that ride side by side doing 60 in a 65 while traffic piles up behind them that drive my blood pressure up to the 190 over 110 range.  Seriously, why can't they be ticketed for reckless driving?  "What, reckless driving??" you say.  "How's that?".  Let me explain.  The most dangerous manuever a car can make on the interstate is to change lanes.  You've got 4000 lb hunks of metal cruising at 70mph just feet from each other.  As long as everyone keeps that cushion, all is well.  Now say you've got the 80 year old I-have-no-idea-why-I'm-still-driving man doing 60 in the fast lane. Everyone and their brother begins to stack up behind him.  Soon enough, one by one, each car starts trying to get around Mr. Oblivious.  The more cars that whip out from behind him the more dangerous the situation becomes.  You've been there.  You're cruising along in the middle lane, steadily passing all the poor saps stuck behind the slow a-hole in the fast lane when, surprise, someone whips out to go around him.  Next thing you know, you're wearing your coffee on your new Izod polo.  This is where road rage comes from.  Yet somehow, the idiot that causes all this rage gets off scott free.  Why are there no laws against causing traffic and bottlenecks that lead to accidents? 

 Ok, enough ranting for now.  Just sick of dealing with this crap everyday on my way to and from work.  If you've got a story on a related to this topic, reply in the comments.  I've heard rumors that in Oklahoma they are actually going to start handing out tickets to drivers who drive under the speed limit.  If this is true, then Oklahoma is officially the smartest state in the union.

Drive safe people, not ignorant.

Reader's Comments
May 21st, 2008 @ 06:42 PM
Slow drivers suck.

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